Everything that you need to know while purchasing an acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar has always been a popular choice among many people all around the world. The vast heritage and pure sound of this guitar play an important role in making it immensely popular and many rock artists, pop singers and other musicians have been using these types of guitars to mesmerize people like a magician. Since the solo and bass strings are combined harmoniously, the player can enjoy full control while playing these types of guitars and it helps him/her to generate a unique and pleasing sound and great rhythm. Here are the most important aspects that you need to know while purchasing an acoustic guitar:

Different types of acoustic guitars

The Dreadnaught guitar

The Dreadnought guitar is one of the most popular versions available and it has a big body that is capable of producing deep and rich sound. All types of players can use this guitar to show their skills and create beautiful music.

Classical acoustic guitars

Classical acoustic guitars have a wide neck and a small body and, nylon strings are used in these types of acoustic guitars. A flat fingerboard can always be associated with these types of guitars as well.

Steel-string guitars

They can be described as the modern form of classical guitars and as the name suggests itself, steel strings are used to produce a brighter and louder sound. You can find these types of guitars with a flat top and an arch-top and, they have become immensely popular among bluegrass, folk and country musicians as well.

Size should be an important consideration while selecting a guitar

You need to consider the size whenever you decide to select a guitar for yourself or your child. The most suitable size makes the player extremely comfortable and it also helps you develop your own technique as well. The manufacturers offer guitars with different measurements and sizes and, you should have proper understanding about these measurements. The most realistic way to measure a guitar is to measure by its scale length and you can also take the measurement from the nut to the bridge. Leading manufacturers make use of fractions to indicate the scale. For example; you can see fractions like one-quarter and one-half and, you need to select the most suitable size depending on your height and size. If you are above 5 feet, you can select a 4/4 acoustic guitar and for children, the most suitable size needs to be selected depending on their height.

Different types of woods

Various types of woods are used in these types of guitars and each type of wood produces a different tone. Acoustic guitars do not utilize electric amplification to produce sound and on the other hand; they use the strings and wood to create sound.


Spruce, especially, the Sitka variety of Spruce is the most common type of wood used to make acoustic guitars and it can be described as a light-weight softwood. This wood always produces a clear and direct tone.


This wood creates a high velocity sound and you can always expect a varied and colored tone with this version. Guitars made of mahogany have become highly popular among country blues musicians because a strong tone can always be associated with mahogany.


If you want to produce rich and dark tones, you have to purchase acoustic guitars made of rosewood and this wood always emphasizes bass and low tones in the best possible manner. The existing users are of the opinion that rosewood acoustic guitars are highly responsive and rosewood has always been known as a resonant wood as well.


If you prefer a light playing style, you can always choose a guitar made of cedar and that is exactly why it has become immensely popular among finger-style players. At the same time, it is capable of producing a warm and balanced sound as well.


You must realize that purchasing an acoustic guitar is not an easy task if you are not familiar with all these important aspects. It can be said without an iota of doubt that proper understanding about different types of guitars is absolutely essential to arrive at the best decision. If you want to identify an acoustic guitar that goes in complete harmony with your exclusive requirements, you must also take into consideration the size of the guitar and the type of wood used as well.